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Pakistani Muslims & Their Rage Against Racism

Sukhi Ch. Jul 1 · 3 min read

Image by Naya Daur

I find it quite funny when I see Pakistanis talking about racism in white-majority countries. Born and raised in a Muslim family and surrounded by Muslims for most of my life, I figured out some things very early on.

The one thing that became the root cause of my questioning religion itself was the superiority complex of Muslims. I don’t want to give a sweeping statement so I would say the superiority complex of ‘Pakistani Muslims’ to be exact. No matter how good a non-Muslim is, Pakistani Muslims will show pity for their doomed soul.

I was in middle school when Princess Diana died. My mother was a big fan of her, but after her death, she was more worried about her dying a non-Muslim than her sad demise.

When I went out in the world and made many non-Muslim friends then especially I noticed this superiority complex in people around me. If I go eat at their home then everyone would ask me what did I eat and was it Halal or not?

Once I was in my village at my granny’s home and I was brushing my teeth. My uncle said, “Why do you brush your teeth every day. Non-Muslims need to brush them daily because they have bad breath due to being infidels. Muslims recite Qur’an so they never suffer from bad breath.” These were the exact words he used. Superiority complex much???

I can safely say that religious minorities are living in a very hostile atmosphere in Pakistan. Forced conversions are a common thing. They are forced to study Islam in schools, they are forced to display their patriotism in every possible way. They are forced to study the textbooks in which all the people of their religions are called evil, cunning, greedy, and doomed to hell. I cannot imagine the pain of such young minds forced to study all that to get a school education.

One generation ago the Christians of Pakistan used to have Christian names but due to extreme bigotry, they have adopted Muslim names now. Only one or two percent Christians of Pakistan now have Christian names. Hindus are not allowed to even do that. Because a Hindu using an Arabic name is committing blasphemy.

Pakistan’s racism based on skin color is very evident too. Let alone the thousands of jokes on dark-colored people, on people from Pashtoon ethnicity, and Sikhs. I have already written about the African descendants who are living here since before Christ. They are still facing discrimination for being Africans. The opposition an African woman faced when she won a seat in Sindh Assembly was shameful.

I see the same self-righteous superiority complex in Christians wherever they are in the majority. They also consider everyone else a doomed soul. There is a pattern here, this complex is found only in the people of Abrahamic religions. I see so many Muslims and Christians profiles on social media platforms titled as “proud Muslim”, or “proud Christian”. I never saw a “proud Buddhist”, “proud Sikh” or a “proud Hindu”.

There is a verse in Urdu that says:

“Phool ko shor machatay kabhi dekha ha Qamar?

Tum ho khushboo to btanay ki zarurat kia ha?”

It translates as:

Do you ever see a flower making noise?

If you are fragrance then you don’t need to announce it”

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