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Happy New…Muslim World Order

New Think Tank Pledges To Unite Ummah


A new Muslim think tank today launched its website with a flourish of publicity. Ayaan Institute’s (AI) flagship discussion paper ‘Creating a New Civilisation of Islam’ is its founding research document, dissecting the fractiousness of Islamic global relations.

Jahangir Mohammed is a prolific writer, thinker, and commentator on Muslim Global Affairs. He has acted as a geopolitical analyst and expert for lawyers on international terrorism or extremism cases. He has been the Director of Centre for Muslim Affairs since 1997.

Muslim Eye spoke to Ayaan Institute's Founder about their aims and not turning 'West' for answers.

Muslim Eye: What is the vision of Ayaan Institute?

Jahangir Mohammed: ‘Ayaan’s vision is to see a Muslim world that is united, independent, prosperous, and strong; and to encourage Muslims to practically work toward that vision.  To do this requires independent analysis, critical self-reflection, fresh thinking, new ideas and approaches.’

M.E: Why now and what’s new here?

JM: ‘The Muslim world today represents a quarter of humanity, with 1.8 billion adherents in 53 Muslim majority states. There are also huge numbers of Muslim minorities living among non-Muslim majorities. The central goals of Islam, such as practical unification and brotherhood, in the contemporary world, will require new and creative thinking and energy.  A failure to do this will lead to more misery for the Muslim world.’

M.E: The Muslim world is clearly in crisis. 53 nations seemingly powerless, economically underdeveloped, dependent on the West. Can more ‘discussion’ really make a difference?

JM: ‘It’s about creating awareness. This work arose out of discussions with friends and followers, reflecting on the despair that’s floating around. There didn’t seem to be any practical work being done to change that conditions. Policy and practicalities will be leading the follow up to the research. We will develop the idea of a unified economy across the Muslim world. This is like throwing a stone in a river , it will have a ripple effect so others will see this and start working on the elements themselves.’

M.E: Certain global players may not be pleased with your vision.

JM: ‘We’re talking here about Muslims who want to listen. If there are particular blockages in relation to say, the practical development of brotherhood, economic rules in certain states which stop that happening, we will encourage discussion of these obstacles wherever and whatever they may be. We will develop the idea of a unified economy across the Muslim world."

M.E: Poverty, oppression, COVID are hitting Muslim communities hard. So why is the focus on ‘unity’ important?

JM: “Muslim unity is very much the forgotten obligation of Islam. Practically we do not see a Muslim Ummah, unity or brotherhood. Economically and politically, we are more in brotherhood with the non-Muslim world than each other. This is like throwing a stone in a river, it will have a ripple effect so others will see this and start working on the elements themselves."

Aayan Institute’s report “Creating a New Civilisation of Islam” can be downloaded here.

They do not accept funding from state organisations.


Muslim Eye will be following their development closely and keeping you updated on their work.

For further Information and press enquiries please contact:

Jahangir Mohammed +44 07961 427 950 or email media@ayaaninstitute.com

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