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COV19 leads to drop in crime rate in Malaysian cities as 92% of people stay home

KOTA KINABALU: The crime rate in the Malaysian city of Sabah is seeing a major drop as the movement control order (MCO) entered its seventh day on Tuesday (March 24). “Some 92% of people here comply with it and take trips only to obtain daily essentials,”

Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Zaini Jass said

“Crime is not a problem. We are not getting any major or serious cases. We don’t need to think about it now, ” he told reporters after attending the state National Security Council.

He however said that he did not have the immediate figures available to reflect the drop in violent crimes and house break-ins, among others.

The police chief said that he observed that at one police roadblock in Penampang near here, many couples were coming out together.

“When we questioned them, they would tell us that they were sending their wife to work.

"We advised them to let the wife drive to work herself as there was no need for two persons to go out of the house, ” he said.

He also observed that many people told police that they were heading to stores that were far away from their respective areas.

“Sometimes, there are sundry shops within their own areas. There is no need to go far just to buy things, ” he said.

He said that police were not issuing summonses or taking action against people suspected of flaunting the MCO but were only advising them.

“No, we are not arresting them as some people say. We advise only.

"If someone challenges us and tries to block us from discharging our duties, then we will act, ” he said, urging people to abide by the order as it was in the best interests.