• Khalil Charles

Smoking Gun: Trump fires FBI Director Comey with Fake bullets!

Washington Post James Comey

As the President of the United States watched the former Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, mullah the panel who tried to put her down over her decision not to follow the Trump Muslim ban, the penny dropped!

With every minute of her testimony, it became clear Yates sacking, on 30th January, meant that she was no longer able to give her assessment of events within the Justice Department. Whilst she had given clear testimony that proved that Trump knew full well that Flynn was a liability, she was no longer able to comment on the circumstances leading to Flynn’s dismissal and no longer able to assess the course of action taken by the White House in the attempts to cover up “Russia-gate” scandal.

Quite conveniently, Yates effectiveness was diminished by her absence from office and, as such, the only other person who can fill in the blanks on Russia-gate must be the man who was told tonight, apprentice T.V. style, “You’re Fired!”

The confusion in the White House surrounding the President’s decision sends the USA in turmoil and put the world’s most powerful nation under uncomfortable scrutiny.

The question on the lips of every journalists wheeled out to comment on this “braking news,” (correct spelling) is how long will it take before something is done to get Trump to stepped down or to be removed and when will the Vice-President act to put the America and the world out of this misery??

Whatever happens, the news will overshadow the work of government and will dominate news circles for some time to come. Trump has managed successfully to shape the news agenda from the moment he launched his campaign to become President. This is yet another “smokescreen.”

Setting the ‘cat among the pigeons’ is the strategy that has allowed him to strengthen his hard core supporters who will tonight find “alternative truths” to justify his continuance in office. Meanwhile, the ‘pigeons,’ the opposition ‘enemy’ press will scatter in directions that Trump has once again decided that they should go: everywhere so they get nowhere!

As the true reasons for the FBI director’s firing hide right in the middle this media frenzy, again, the incredulity surfaces at the actions of a man who coined the phrase “fake news.”

The question is: “Who or what do you believe?”

We all know the reasons given for the firing do not make sense; that the gun that fired him has real smoke but “fake bullets.” But when are we going to wake up from this nightmare that keeps been interrupted by “Presidential twitter storms,” to confuse the picture even further and add to the ‘surreal’ or the ‘fake’ nature of these extraordinary events!


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