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EXCLUSIVE | “I am shocked, he appeared to be a decent man!:” Friend of Killer Khalid Masood

Acquaintances of the Westminster killer Khalid Masood have been telling Muslim Eye about the man who went on a killing spree last Wednesday killing 4 people and injuring more than 50. Speaking to Muslim Eye, on the condition of anonymity, ‘friends’ described him as a ‘quiet committed Muslim’ who would smile but never laugh!

Masood spent two years in Luton, Beds after returning from a three-year working visit to Saudi Arabia. He is known to have lived and prayed in the Bury Park area and those who spoke to Muslim Eye confirmed that he regularly prayed his early morning ‘fajr’ prayer in the mosque.

It believed that Khalid was living with a wife at that time, but left the area around 2012 when friends say they lost touch with him. Masood was described as a ‘quiet’ individual who kept himself to himself. Little was known about his background and he rarely talked about his past or his upbringing.

Friends told Muslim Eye, “It quite common for Muslims from outside the area to move to Luton, some come to be part of the community and others who may have had a stint in jail come to have a change of surrounding and to turn their lives around…we assumed Khalid was from the later.”

Masood was shot dead by security forces on Wednesday outside the houses of parliament when around 2’o clock in the afternoon he drove a hired vehicle into crowds of pedestrians on Westminster Bridge. After several arrests of people connected to Masood, police announced over the weekend that Masood was acting alone and not part of any terrorist group, even though the Islamic State group described Masood as one of its ‘soldiers’.

“I am totally shocked, he looked and acted like a decent man…who would have believed that he was capable of such evil,” one of his friends told Muslim Eye.

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