• Khalil Charles

Muslims share safety advice on Social Media after London terror attack

Muslims across the United Kingdom are turning to social media to share advice on how to stay safe from expected revenge attacks following the London, Westminster terror attack.

It follows a statement for the acting police Chief commissioner who acknowledged that Muslim will be worried about revenge attacks from far-right extremist groups.

One circulated message reads: “Take care of yourselves and stay in open public busy spaces. Travel in groups if possible. Only go out if necessary and in daylight hours. This is a reminder to all Muslims all over the U. K. especially to Muslim women and youth.”

The message also said that there had been some reports of attacks already taken place. Muslim Eye has not been able to confirm that claim.

Police have named the offender as 52-year-old Khalid Masood who was born in Kent. Four people have now been confirmed dead after the attacker killed three people, on Westminster, bridge mowing down with a car, before going on the stab and kill a police officer outside parliament.


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