• Khalil Charles

EXCLUSIVE | Islam 21c Criticises Media Coverage of London Terror Attack

Muslim Eye can reveal that the Chief Editor of Islam21c website has written to news outlets criticising its coverage of the Westminster attack in which 4 people were killed and over 20 were injured.

Dr. Salman Butt said there has been a “disproportionate” presence in news programmes and articles of those who argue for greater restrictions of civil liberties in exchange for greater levels of ‘security’. Butt offered to speak to the media as an independent grass roots Muslim voice to provide a balance picture about the events, and to discuss the strategy that should be adopted in the aftermath of the tragic incident.

The Chief Editor, who has launched a legal case against the government’s counter terrorism strategy, expressed concern that security experts were using the opportunity to lend support to what he called the “now-toxic” Prevent strategy.

Islam21c. com is an online publication for Muslim in the West with over 4 million users.

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

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