• Hayet Bell

Eye's Poetry | I die before I die...

With the difficulties in the world, Hayet Bell turns to a familiar place for inspiration, support and comfort. For only divine justice can heal the soul...

I die time after time before i die

Knowing there who I would see

Oh Lord of souls....

Souls have made a covenant with you

That our Lord is only one

Creator of whole creation

Souls are a mystery

Knowing who i will call and recall

Only your name will ever last, never lost, the everlasting

My hope is as big as the creation of the universe

From so much you give me

But only count on your mercy

I trust your justice it heals my soul

And in your love i created that hope

And my heart never despairs

As I have faith in your divine justice

This is where i stand where hope has all

Your love and mercy

You sent my soul to a perfect body

Where perfection of arts and designs

Is of my Lord's nature a dot in your preserved tablet

I travelled all the way in an amazing journey

To learn about your existence

And you sent messengers to remind me

Angels to protect me

And you made the day a new day for me

And the night a short death to alarm me

You set a time where I can see my present and past,

And continuity to you holder of future

Oh the Compassionate and Almighty

You stand behind time so you can watch me

My Lord is a joyous love and unique God

My lord you know my heart as you always lived there

The alive never dies, in every beat in your name

The most gracious the most merciful

Our meeting place when we speak in joy's and sorrow

That place darkens when i am far from you

I leave in sin and comeback in repentance

My heart bows in pain seeking your forgiveness

And dying in your remembrance

I searched for ways and ways how to love you

In innocence...in ignorrance,but only

I sin...i repent believing in you

I kneel...i prostate i cry and say i love you

More than my mother, than my father and my children they all from you

I prayed in the stillness of the night

Competing with those who are praying in that very hour

Humbling myself to raise my prayers

You gifted me forever with your love

Which never die from here to the hereafter

My heart never lied to me about you lord

It's time to try better

As it's only a matter of time to meet you

Every day I die to see you

My soul and self their state is different day to day

Sometimes they agree and sometimes they disagree

Lord, only in disagreement that they fall in weakness,

Then strengthen in repentance

A great feeling a rebirth, causes the soul and self

To be one to the only one

You taught me that sin is for repentance

That repentance is for forgiveness

And love is for your sake, and that life is a test for heaven

And patience is a door to the hereafter

And happiness is a route to your destination

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