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Trump blames CIA for 'fake' news

News around Russian hacking and leaked intelligence reports dominated Donald Trump’s first official press conference as the president-elect prepares to take over the presidency in 10 days’ time.

Speaking from the Trump Tower for the first time since winning the November 8th election. Trump implied that the intelligence community was responsible for leaking dossier of 'fake' news which was headlined by the America news organisation CNN and the online news service Buzz Feed.

Amid heated exchanges with the CNN reporter at the media conference, Trump refuses to allow the news organisation to put a question. He repeatedly told the CNN journalist to be quiet and to stop being 'rude'.

The dossier suggests that the Russia have information on Trump that makes the new president subject to blackmail. The allegations point to video recordings linking the president-elect to sexual encounters.

Trump in a Twitter address compared the release as a feature of Nazi Germany. He thanked President Putin for confirming that the dossier was a complete fabrication and again repeated his assertion that Russia is not the only country that has hacked the US.

He blamed the Democratic Party for not doing enough to ensure that they were protected and said that shortly after he takes office he would put together the best minds to deal with the hacking issue.

The conference which lasted around 45 mins also gave the press details of how Trump would not be running his business empire but would be handing over the running of the company to sons and a longtime business partner.

There was no detailed mentioned of foreign policy apart from a repeat of his assertion that Russia were great partners in the fight against terrorism and the Obama administration had created ISIS by withdrawing too early from Iraq.

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