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Man hunt continues for Turkish killer

At least 39 people including foreign visitors have lost their lives to a gunman who opened fire on them while they celebrated the new year.

Police are still searching for the man who entered the venue on the shores and Istanbul's Bosphorus waterway shooting at random. Some tried to escape the carnage by jumping into the river when the gunman, believed to be a single attacker, began shooting. Reports on social media suggested that there may have been more than one shooter involved.

As many as 600 people were thought to be inside the crowd premises as the gunman shot a policeman and civilian at the door and then burst in killing locals and foreign national alike.

Reports say the gunman used a 'long-range weapon' or some form of assault rifle to murder his victims. He fled into a the area of Ortakoy on the European side of the Istanbul city situated at the intersection of three bridges cross the river. The area is well known for clubs, restaurants and art galleries.

There as been no claim of responsibility, but Turkey

faces multiple security threats including random attacks on mainly military targets by the Kurdish PKK separatist movement and the Islamic State Group who the Turks are fighting on its boarders and inside Syria.

On December 28th, a media foundation backing the Islamic State group urged its supporters to carry out attacks in Europe. It follows the attack in Berlin on crowds leading to the eventual killing of the suspect, who fled across two boarder to arrive in Italy.

Turkey has seen repeated attacks in recent weeks, two bombs by Kurdish armed groups exploded outside a soccer stadium killing 44 people and wounding 150.

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