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Muslim Woman's Eye | All I ask...

The media interest in Islam has put Muslim women in the spotlight. Negla Abdullah contrasts life before and after she became the centre of attention.

All I ask is simple

All I ask for is peace

All I ask for is to walk free

To walk uninterrupted

To walk without fear

To walk without facing prejudice

For I have been ignored for more than half my life

You never noticed me before

You never knew where the colour of my skin originated from

The dark pigments matched with long wavy hair confused you

You were so sure that I was a mixed breed

And gasped in surprise when I told you I was not

I was a single breed

I was an African

A Sudanese

But that meant nothing to you

You did not know why my hair was hidden

You did not understand why my body was suddenly covered

You did not care

It did not faze you

But now

Now all you do is notice me

All you do is stare


Because the media has made me something

Because I am now something of significance

You would think I should be happy

You would think I should be relieved that I am finally being seen

But I'm being seen for all the wrong reasons

You do not see the same girl who wondered peacefully

Simply living her life the same way you did

Going to school


Getting a job

Paying my way


You see a Muslim

When you see a Muslim you see an opposite

You see the other

You see a breed you are unfamiliar with

You see an enemy

I was not your enemy

And I am still not the enemy

All I ask is simple

All I ask is peace

All I ask is to walk free

Negla Abdalla is a spirited journalist, sharing her passion of tackling issues of a religious, political and societal nature through poetry.

Negla Abdalla

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