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Muslim Woman’s Eye | The Hijabi Woman

Perhaps the most visible sign of being a Muslim are the women who choose, sometimes against the odds, to wear the hijab. The rise by about 30% in Islamophobic crime since Britain voted leave the European Union has left Muslim women more vulnerable than ever before. However, for the young Muslimah who penned this poem, there’s a sense of graceful defiance!

The Hijabi Woman:

She faces ridicule and humiliation,

She faces stares and isolation,

But yet none can challenge her affiliation

Or drown her with suffocation.

For she has faith...

She has submission and

She has belief.

One day she will witness her ultimate relief.

Relief for the struggles she faced, for every morning that she kept running the race...

And draped herself in luscious silk embroidered with lace.

She does all this with a smile.

For nothing you can say or do can stop her.

Not even for a little while...

While sometimes her emaan may be at its low...

While she may have even missed her chance to get that fajr glow...

Just be sure to know...

That a hijabi woman, will never be broken.

She will stand forth and forever be a token.

See a hijabi woman, is a woman for me.

A woman whose beauty only Allah can see.



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