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Muslim Fringe Meeting: Tory Party Conference

12 years ago Britain's leading Muslim organisation the Muslim Council of Britain was holding a fringe meeting at the Conservative party conference to discuss how political parties can connect with British Muslim voters.

Over a decade later connecting with British Muslim voters seems to be the last thing on the minds of Tory politicians, some of whom fell asleep, in this years conference as Britain's exit from the European Union and the new policies of Theresa May Government fell under scrutiny.

The then Secretary General, Iqbal Sacranie of the MCB said then that the task for the Conservative Party, then in opposition, was the build trust with British Muslim voters. He said the Tories had to address key domestic policy concerning poverty, social exclusion, Islamophobia, Discrimination and the misuse of counter-terorrism powers.

After 6 years of Labour rule and over 6 years of a coalition and Tory government Muslims might rightfully argue that all those issues have been singularly absent in the Conservative manifesto and Islamophobia, discrimination and the misuse of counterterrorism powers have been major features in the implementation of policy which is the Conservatives inherited from their Labour counterparts.

12 years on instead of holding a fringe meeting with Conservatives, Muslim continue to be

arguably at the fringe of society.

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