Muslim Eye - Making the World a Better Place

It’s no secret that Muslims around the world believe the religion of Islam and the lives of ordinary Muslims should be reflected more positively in the media.  Many feel our religion, cultures, norms, values and nation states are unfairly attacked. At the very least, Muslims want the ‘bad press’ to be balanced with factual accounts accurately reflecting Islam and the Muslim experience.  


Countering the negative press coverage often means adopting a ‘victim mentality’ which could be counter-productive. Instead, Muslim perspectives, reflections, analysis of world events or commentary are in danger of being viewed as one-sided biased or ‘exaggerated’ accounts.  On the other hand, reports about Muslims from traditional Western perspectives, even when positive, can make Muslims lifestyles and perspectives appear to be ‘exotic’ or ‘unusual’.


A different kind of journalism is therefore required 


Accurate journalism reflecting Islam as perceived by Muslims means reflecting a worldview that challenges the values and ideals of the West. A new approach to journalism, although important, cannot in itself turn around negative attitudes without challenge the values and worldview of the West. This new type of journalism has to reflect and explore the parameters that serve to humanise the Muslim experience and reflect the Muslim worldview.  


Muslim Eye aims to reflect the feelings, fears, concerns, belief, viewpoints, narratives and aspirations of ‘ordinary’ Muslims around the world. It aims to capture what ‘ordinary’ Muslims feel about the world's news and current affairs while challenging the worldview of the West which regards wealth, influence and power as desirable virtue. Instead Muslim Eye will promote the view that service to humanity and to others are the key ingredients to making the world a better place.

From the Editor.