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Another year over

Beginning the new year is a daunting experience for those who follow the news and current affairs from the Muslim worldview. Hope for a better future sees unlikely with the rise of hyper- nationalism in Europe and the US and the rejection of social policies to help, migrants, refugees fleeing persecution, the poor and the needy.


The inequalities in the world are likely to be get worst in 2020 with the rich getting richer at the cost of the world's poor. The polarisation of opinion and thought is made worse by the algorithms that govern the social media platforms. Feeding one-sided views of world events and attitudes. The only real hope comes from the rejection of the ideologies that divides people and shapes the unjust world in which we all live.  


Taking the brunt of the injustices are the Muslims in Kashmir, Myanmar and the Uighurs in China. The world cares not about their suffering as selfish political interests ensure international bodies remain toothless. Capitalism, individualism, meritocracy and democracy sound like wonderful concepts but in truth none have brought more just and fairer societies.


2020 should be the beginning of an awaking valuing people for their contribution to humanity rather than admiring individuals for the ability to amass wealth. Capitalism with a social conscious, individualism for social good and democracy for freedom and opportunity must be our true concerns.


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