Our vision and world view

Our vision of the world is largely determined by the lens or ideology through which we interpret events. The ideologies of individualism, meritocracy and objectivity are touted in the West as admirable. Journalist pride themselves on being objective conveyors of news and current affairs. They claim to report news in a balanced and fair way.


However, we constantly observe ‘news values’ that favours wealthy, influential, powerful individuals and groups of people. News is not only important to organisation trying to improve ratings or subscriptions, but the editorial policy of any news outlet is bound to promote a worldview reinforcing those ideas. 


Fairness and justice does not necessarily equate to being balanced. More often than not, balance means giving the other side an opportunity to reply. Once the agenda is set, the accused is sometimes forced to respond to culturally laden accusations, assumptions and sweeping generalisations. In modern journalism, the ‘right to reply’ is often 'the rope' with which the accused hang themselves.


Muslims who disagree with the accepted worldview are often vilified, disgraced or misrepresented. However, news from a MUSLIM EYE view can also be one-a sided without depth or analysis. Major outlets like Al Jazeera have set a high standard of news coverage challenging conventional perceptions of the world.


This website seeks to bridge the gap between Western viewpoints of news and forward an alternative which is unaffected by geopolitical interests or by sectarian or factional paradigms. This site aims to provide an up-to-date Muslim focused news with expert analysis and commentary. It aims to become an authority and source of news on Muslims and Islam for Muslims and non-Muslims alike in the United Kingdom and across the world. We want to enrich and improve human life and experience.


The ‘MUSLIM EYE’ will not only be valued as the voice of reason, the voice of authority and the voice at the core of important issues. It will always the trusted voice for analysis opinion and commentary in a world from Muslim standpoint and worldview.


Our motto in news comes from the saying of the Prophet of Islam (pbuh) ‘the example of the believers in their affection, mercy and compassion for each other is that of body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.’